Meet Our Employees


“I began working at The H.A.R.T. Center on May 18, 2013. I work a lot of different jobs. I enjoy filling tile jigs, putting together o-rings, packing pretzels for Snyders, and filling bags of sand or soil for AquaPhoenix. I love going out in the community with CPS. The staff is funny and nice to work with. I like to socialize with my friends. I enjoy the annual picnic. We have fun.” ~ Melissa

“I like to work at The H.A.R.T. Center and keep busy. I like to be around people. I like the staff. My favorite job is working on Snyders and packing the pretzels or stacking the skids.”

has worked at The H.A.R.T. Center since October 3, 1977.

Started in 2018

“I like working at The H.A.R.T. Center because I like the staff and I’ve made friends. I work a lot of jobs. I fill bags of sand and soil for AquaPhoenix, I pack pretzels for Snyders, and I put together o-rings, keys or hardware kits for Schindler. My favorite job is filling tile jigs for ESAB. I enjoy the parties for Holidays. I liked the Halloween costume parade. I won 3rd place for dressing up like Stitch.”