Why Choose the HART Center?

The HART Center is a private, non-profit human service, vocational rehabilitation facility located in New Oxford, PA. Serving the community for over 50 years, the HART Center provides high quality work and workforce to meet challenging deadlines. The Center provides a variety of work experiences for adults with disabilities in Adams and western York counties. Currently 100 individuals with development disabilities, chronic mental illness, or those with physical challenges perform a variety of fulfillment projects and sub-contract work for area businesses.

Our Services

We care committed to quality, courtesy, and timely services. Come and visit our 45,000 square foot facility.

Rehabilitation Services

The HART Center offers the following programs which assist each individual to reach his or her vocational potential.

  • Vocational Evaluation
  • Personal Work Adjustment
  • Extended Work Training
  • Supported Employment
  • Job Placement
  • Community Participation Supports Program

Additional Services

  • Individual Vocational Counseling
  • Coordination with Community Agencies
  • On- going Support Services for individuals experiencing life difficulties

Production Services

Our workforce of more than 100 adults with disabilities will save you time and money coping with:

  • Labor Shortages
  • Special Projects
  • Deadlines you can’t keep
  • Production Capabilities including but not limited to:
    • Industrial Assembly
      • sub-assemblies
      • related packaging
    • Packaging
      • bagging
      • heat sealing
      • specialty/custom
    • Reconditioning
      • sorting
      • counting
    • Labeling Operations
      • collate, fold, insert
      • labeling

Supported Employment

What is supported employment?

  • A personnel solution for businesses.
  • Supported employment places people with disabilities, who are eager to work, into jobs in the community.

Why supported employment?

  • Supported employment staff can provide you with an employee who is willing to work, is dependable and wants to be part of your organization.

How does it work?

  • Supported employment staff can review your personnel needs and requirements.
  • Can recommend appropriate candidates for your consideration.
  • Provides on-site training, support and supervision, at no cost, that can continue as needed to ensure that your high quality standards of production are achieved.

Small Group Employment

  • Provides employment with staff oversight with a group of 2-10 individuals off-site at your location in industry.

Community Participation Support

Consumers from the floor can volunteer and participate in activities such as walks, bowling, shopping, etc.